Nowadays, it has become necessary to gather R&D studies under one roof in order to carry out innovative studies, which are among the most important requirements of a sustainable economy.

Our R&D Center allocated within the body of KMK Paper, one of our subsidiaries, has received the certificate of competency as 576th R & D Center of Turkey on 12.13.2017 from the Ministry of Industry and Technology and was awarded the official identification. Our R&D center works in an integrated manner in 6 different departments. In this framework, projects are carried out in the fields of process development, project development, waste and wastewater assessment-development, energy-automation development, product development and intellectual-industrial rights. The continuity of professional development is ensured by giving importance and support to the postgraduate education of our personnel working in the R&D Center. In this context, the center continues its activities with its expert staff of approximately 25 people. Our center also closely cooperates with universities and other R&D centers, closely following the requirements of the paper industry, both in the industry and academia. Many projects have been successfully completed, and we have ongoing international and national projects such as TÜBİTAK 1501 and TÜBİTAK 1505 with its original and innovative projects, as well as the TÜBİTAK “2244 Industrial Doctorate Program” with which we work on with 2 PhD candidates. Successful projects are announced with participation in symposiums, congresses and conferences held in their field. Thus, technical and technological progress is achieved both by working on new products and ensuring the development of existing projects.