Dear Stakeholders of Key Holding, our valuable business partners and employees,
Our journey began in the 1960s at the Kahramanmaraş Bakırcılar Bazaar. As the young entrepreneurs of a young country, this journey that we started with copper plastering mastery brought us to a different stage and brought it up to today.
Trusting on the future of Turkey, we made stainless steel trade in Istanbul Perşembe Pazarı during 1970 ‘s and we’ve engaged in the production of stainless steel utensils in the 1980s.

Recognizing the external dependency of finished paper in the local market, we established the packaging paper production facility in 1989 at Kahramanmaraş. Following the establishment, we have become one of the most important manufacturers of the paper-packaging industry with the expansion-modernization processes and new investments in which we mainly focused on growing in the paper and packaging industry. The solutions required by the paper and packaging industry are produced with the latest technologies at the production facilities located in Kahramanmaraş and Kütahya which are within the organization of Kahramanmaraş Kağıt Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., or KMK Paper, currently our flagship company.

It is our priority to continue the activities of all of our group companies as environmentally friendly and efficiency-oriented organizations that meet their own energy needs, who recycle all types of waste, innovates and tries to develop new products with R&D studies. While producing paper, packaging and energy from waste, we are working with the awareness of using resources efficiently and to never squander them. Many social responsibility activities are carried out and supported in order to transfer this awareness to the next generations, to share the importance of recycling with children, who are the guarantee of our future.
We are proud to gather the organization, that has been expanding with investments in different fields such as construction, logistics, foreign trade, maritime, plastic pipes and construction materials production, fleet rental, textile, and husbandry, after the restructuring process we started in 2018 with my respected brother Mehmet Ciğer under the roof of KEY HOLDING (KEY Kahramanmaraş Endüstriyel Yatırımlar A.Ş.). On this occasion, I would like to point out the importance of the emphasis on “industrial investments” in our title for our family. According to us, production is undoubtedly the most important function for the development of our country’s economy and all our stakeholders.

As KEY HOLDING and all stakeholders it will be our primary goal, as always has been, to continue to contribute to the future of our country by manufacturing. In this regard, we believe that our most important resource will be our colleagues as we proceed from today to tomorrow, as they have been from past to present. We know very well that employees are one of the most important components of an organization that creates and nurtures its corporate memory in order to sustain its existence from generation to generation. As such, we will continue to exist as a community that understands the importance of human resources, appreciates its suppliers, customers and all stakeholders, and strives to produce benefits for the state and the nation at all times.
We will continue to make new investments and, above all, production for our country.
Love and respect.

Muhammet Muhittin CİĞER