The negative effects of plastic packaging, which is the leading cause of environmental disasters, are being discussed today. Many countries banned or restricted the use of plastic bags and transport packaging used in many industries like retail, fast moving, food, agriculture etc., because of the difficulty of collecting and recycling light plastics. In this regard, the use of paper bags, which is a more environmentally friendly solution, has come to the fore in many sectors. Paper bags and packaging produced from recycled sources, which are particularly resource-use and carbon footprint less than other types of production, can be dissolved easily in a very short time in nature, are a necessity rather than a preference for our future.
KMK Paper Bag operation, which operates under the roof of KEY Holding, started paper bag production in 2020 by integrating within the existing paper production facility in Kütahya location. With its recycling and environmentally friendly production, KMK Paper has assumed this task in all the sectors it produces and invests.
KMK Paper is a company that is always a pioneer in the sector with its recycled raw materials and water-based components used in its production, respecting the nature, responding to the demands with high capacity quickly and completely, regardless of location, and with its diversity and investments in R&D.

Certificates of our organization:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 18001

ISO 50001





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