As KEY HOLDING, our customers are at the center of our quality understanding. Customer satisfaction is adopted as the assurance of the future of the holding and all our resources focus on making our group companies a preferred organization. Therefore; in our companies affiliated to our holding, it is a principle to provide quality service to its customers and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to work in accordance with internationally accepted standards and legal legislation requirements, to comply with ethical rules in all its activities, to develop the system with the participation of all employees, to be a pioneer in the sector by offering innovative solutions for customer expectations. Our organizations do not compromise on the understanding of quality that they owe their stable success, and pay attention to increase product variety, to continuously improve and to ensure the sustainability of quality.

The main starting point of our quality understanding is to create a difference in the market with our production capability, “providing added value to our customers” for all product groups we produce in the sectors we operate, “bringing the product variety and sales of our customers to the fore”. Our aim; not only to be a sales company, but also to carry out studies aiming to offer innovative products with high product quality and products that can provide solutions to the needs of our customers. With our new investments and R&D studies, we have been able to produce products that cannot be produced in our country in parallel with the changing needs of the market in our existing factories, and a strong position has been achieved in the sectors in which we operate. In addition, our factories operating in the paper group of our group contribute to reducing imports and increasing exports by producing products equivalent to papers from abroad. As a matter of fact, our Gypsum Board (Gray and Ivory) type of product used in plasterboard production in the construction industry is one of our product types that we produce for this target. In addition, the production of high-joule COREBOARD (pivot cardboard), which is not produced in our country, and imported for fresh fruit and vegetable imports, and our PIZZA NSS type products used in food packaging production, are the most important indicators of our efforts for this purpose. We are proud of being the first and only manufacturer of the mentioned products in our country.

Our understanding of quality, which keeps high quality at every stage of production, starts with the realization of careful quality control studies. The procedures created to sustain the quality system in all processes from raw material purchasing to the final product are followed, and our laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipments are subjected to quality control tests and analyzes at every stage by our expert and experienced staff. Quality is managed not only during production, but throughout the supply and distribution chain until our products reach our customers. All kinds of technical support are provided by an expert staff by evaluating the feedbacks of our customers about our products and services.

The quality certificates we possess show the importance our group attaches to quality, job security, energy efficiency, customers, employees and the environment.