Paper edge board has been used as a reinforcing product, especially during transportation, in order to prevent crushing in the horizontal and vertical corners of the pallet, preventing the pallets from spreading and stacking on top of each other, and to increase the maximum strength in in-box use. Nowadays, it has many different applications in various business fields. Paper edge board is preferred and used as the healthiest packaging protection product with minimum cost as well as maximum protection. There is almost no industrial area where the edge board is not used. It is used as the definitive solution in packaging and transportation in the white goods, automotive, furniture, food, logistics, ceramics, fresh fruits, vegetables, paper and metal industries, which are among the most used sectors.
In recent years, demand for the packaging solutions has increased dramatically and to cover the needs, KMK Paper has started production in Eskişehir in 2018 by making a paper edge board investment in regard to 30 years of paper production experience. Thanks to the investments we made in the field on an area of total of 10,000 m2 with 3 paper edge board machines, we have taken our place in the top row in a short time in Turkey. In addition to production in any desired size, length and thickness, we have all the quality certificates required by the industry.

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